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MAAP Knitted Oversock 

Over the years, the MAAP oversocks have seen tremendous advancements and have gone on to launch a range of well-made over socks. The MAAP knitted oversock offers you a variety of options for your comfort throughout the year. The year-round MAAP collection of over socks comes with featured options for spring/summer, spring/autumn, and winter months’ products. Meaning you get to look great whatever season you decide to ride in. 

MAAP Oversocks 

The MAAP collection of oversocks online at Enroute is one of the most popular selections of oversocks, especially when there comes a chill in the air in Autumn and Spring. When you wear oversocks you get benefit of keeping the dirt and spray off your expensive and favorite cycling shoes. Plus, you also get to enjoy an extra layer of insulation under the pair of over shoes.  

MAAP Cycling Oversocks 

We offer items directly from the factory, so you can keep the deal within your budget. Moreover, the intelligent MAAP oversocks cutting makes them an ideal pair for those cold and long rides where you need something extra to go by. 

Waterproof Oversocks

Cycling in Winter is not always an ideal experience, but you can still make it enjoyable by getting your hands on the selective gear. The specialist cycling apparel and gear online at Enroute keeps you warm and makes your safety a priority. 

The massive range of oversocks at our online store offers you waterproof quality with style, so you get to keep the practicality and charisma of your apparel alive. Never overlook the importance of a decent pair of winter oversocks that are waterproof. These MAAP oversocks do not cost much but do make a considerable difference.