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Bicycle Chainset 

The bicycle chainset is the actual soul of a bike’s groupset, as all the power from your legs is transferred through the cranks before it goes to the chain towards the rear wheels. The mountain bicycle crankset is available in a wide range of forms, including thin/thick single-ring sets to double and triple-ring cranksets. 

Shimano Chainsets

In the Enroute online collection, we carry bicycle chainset of varying sizes; if you can’t seem to find what you are looking for, ask us, and we will be happy to help. 

Bicycle Crankset

 The road bike chainsets come with bigger chainsets, and the compact double chainsets are most prevalent however, most racers prefer somewhat of a larger semi-compact or racing cranksets. The single-ring chainsets are ideal for road bikes. 

Bicycle Crankset 

Premium quality Shimano chainset and the bicycle crankset parts offer you the hyperdrive and slick-shifting performance for a greater and enhanced experience. The chainsets and cranksets at Enroute are durable and offer price inclusiveness along with great designs that offer sturdy nature. 

We carry a selection of the biggest brands in the market, including the Shimano chainset. We also stock a massive variety of sizes for meeting the individual requirements of cyclists. 

Why are bicycle crankset parts essential? 

The cranks are the main part of your bicycle’s drivetrain, and different brands offer a massive range of options that are designed to balance strength, weight, and price. At Enroute, we have a selection of crank brands for gravel, mountain, and road bikes. 

There are a lot of bicycle chainset and crank standards when you focus on the bottom bracket diameters and widths. At Enroute, we have everything for every kind of cyclist.