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MAAP Sunglasses 

Whether you are cycling on trails or on roads, for ski touring, or if you are out and about on a sunny day, the MAAP sunglasses come with activity-specific designs, along with lenses that are customized for varying conditions to offer you the ultimate performance. 

Ideally, there comes nothing close to the experience of riding a bike in the fresh air and getting to feel the wind in your hair. However, similar to the essential helmets, cycling sunglasses are also extremely important for cyclists. Or more so when it comes to the long and intense rides out.  

What do MAAP Cycling Sunglasses protect us from?  

As a cyclist, you know how important it is to have the right gear. In addition to a helmet, cycling sunglasses are essential for long and intense rides. They protect your eyes from debris thrown up off the road and from the sun's reflection off the pavement, which can cause blinding glare.

MAAP's Hypercraft sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory; they're an important part of any cyclist's kit. These glasses block harmful UV rays and offer enhanced visibility, as well as a comfortable fit and grip for sweaty summer rides.

Shop for The Best Cycling Glasses from MAAP 

The innovative and modern cycling sunglasses from MAAP are more than a fashion statement. A good pair of best cycling sunglasses will block harmful UV rays while also offering you enhanced visibility. Also, the MAAP sunglasses come with an excellent fit and traction for sweaty summer rides or when you are in your element. 

Be it riding through the wooded trails or while hitting the open roads, MAAP’s range of cycling sunglasses makes sure that your eyes are clear and protected. 

Best Cycling Sunglasses 

MAAP's range of cycling sunglasses has options for every type of rider and every condition. From wooded trails to open roads, MAAP's glasses will keep your eyes clear and protected. Browse Enroute's collection of ride-specific, face-specific, and condition-specific eye wear for both light and heavy usage, with options for prescription and non-prescription lenses.