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Introducing Burgh Bar Tape: A Revolution at Your Fingertips

Enroute.cc is North America's retail leader for Burgh Bar Tape. We have both the largest offering but the best selection of bar tape.

In 2016, amidst the bracing winds of a Tasmanian winter, Burgh Cycling was born with a single, audacious vision: to reimagine the cycling cockpit—your handlebars. Let's be honest, it’s the place your gaze settles most often during your ride, far more than your stylish kit or trendy socks. And yes, we're aware of those reflective shop windows you can't help but glance into.

At a juncture when cycling apparel was shedding the clutter of sponsor logos for sleek, fashionable designs, bar tape was languishing in design purgatory. Seizing this opportunity, Burgh Cycling emerged as a beacon of innovation, bringing a refreshing flair to the overlooked realm of bar tapes.

Our minimalist designs—featuring barely-there branding and understated patterns—quickly found their way into the hearts of cyclists. It all began with a handful of adventurous locals in Melbourne and South Australia, who were willing to give our novel products a whirl. Since those initial days and with each expanding collection, we've been humbled by the ever-growing support from our vibrant cycling community.