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Road Bike Travel Bag

Taking your bike to the road is quite a scary thought for cycling enthusiasts. Driving or traveling with your bike inside a bag during transit always makes a person a bit nervous, and when it comes to flying, it gets more serious. 

But this is where the ultimate EVOC road bike bag Pro comes to the rescue. 

Road Bike Bag Travel 

Enroute is home to the road bike travel bag collection. The EVOC Pro road bike bag is the most compact, light, and the most stealth-inducing option in the world. Travel bag for road bike models are developed and tested by extreme cyclists and have over 10,000 flights on them while saving millions in the biking fee. 

The EVOC range is the soft bike travel case product line, which combines the protection of a hard case and the storability factor of the soft bags. The road bike travel bag range at Enroute comes in many sizes and can easily fit any gravel, triathlon,  or mountain bike. 

Why do you need a travel bag for road bike? 

Whether you are traveling on the train, plane, or even by car, the EVOC road bike bag pro lets you take your bike anywhere and everywhere, that too in style. You get to have complete peace of mind with the online collection of road bike travel bags at Enroute, just like you can depend on our collection of bike framesets

EVOC Pro Road Bike Bag

The EVOC bags are made to fit the entire wheel set and the bike, plus there is no need to disassemble your bikes. When you are making a choice for a bike traveling bag, there are a few considerations, and Enroute has you covered regardless of the type of your bike. 

The soft nature of these travel bags makes sure that your bikes reach their destination safely, while their unique design offers mobility and effortless packing. All bags at Enroute are put to the test by the world’s best pro teams, and the collection at our online store is ready to ship.