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Discover the Essence of Community and Cycling with the Exclusive Biehler Syndicate Collection — Only at, North America's Premier Cycling Clubhouse and Retailer

Unite your passion for cycling with a global community that echoes your enthusiasm., the leading authority in North America for premium cycling gear, is proud to exclusively offer the Biehler Syndicate Collection—a line that embodies more than just fabric and threads, but a lifestyle, a philosophy, and a global collective of like-minded cyclists.

Join the Global Cycling Syndicate

The Biehler Syndicate is not just a collection; it's a global community built on the strong pillars of friendship, exploration, and a sustainable approach to cycling. When you don the club colors of the Syndicate Collection, you become a part of something bigger—a community that nurtures new friendships, makes unforgettable memories, and rides toward a more sustainable future.

First Access to the Best of Syndicate

As a rider of the Syndicate Collection, exclusivity takes on a new meaning. Revel in first-access privileges that open doors to the finest in the Syndicate universe, from groundbreaking new products and limited editions to SYN specials and exclusive offers.

Embark on Fully-Supported Cycling Adventures

Elevate your cycling experiences with our SYN Summits—a week-long, fully-supported exploration to the world's most picturesque cycling destinations. Participate in weekly group rides organized by our SYN Chapters and local stores, because at the heart of Syndicate is the belief: We want to ride with you!

Quality Meets Sustainability

The Biehler Syndicate Collection marries cutting-edge design with ethical practices. Each piece is an emblem of quality, aimed at not just elevating your performance but also contributing towards a sustainable way of cycling. Feel the power of community and the thrill of the open road like never before.

Join the Syndicate and be part of a cycling movement that transcends borders and breaks the mold. Dive into's exclusive Biehler Syndicate Collection today and discover a whole new dimension to your cycling journey.