LEZYNE Floor Pump Alloy Floor Drive Tall - Silver

LEZYNE floor pump Alloy Floor Drive Tall silver

The LEZYNE Alloy Floor Drive is the ultimate professional quality floor pump made of aluminum.
The 140 cm extra long rubber hose and the ABS1 per head make it easier for you to pump Presta or Schrader valves, even if the bike is hanging in a stand. The analog pressure gauge is easy to read and makes the exact pressure setting child's play. Thanks to the high-quality paint and the aluminum base, the pump is durable and has a stylish look.

ABS1 per pump head
The patented ABS1 per head is suitable for all types of valves. It is screwed onto the valves and sits there bombproof. It has an air release button and, as an additional feature, an integrated key for use on presta valves. This makes it easier to fill tubeless systems with sealing milk. Thanks to the 90 ° angled design, the ABS1 Pro pump head can also be used on disc wheels without any problems.

Technical specifications:

Area of intended use : Inflating bicycle tires, from MTB to racing bike
Base: aluminum
Handle: wood
Cylinder: aluminum
Pressure gauge: below, analog
tube : 140 cm
Max. Pressure: up to 15 bar (220 PSI)
Valve: Schrader (Auto) valve, Presta valve


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