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MAAP Leg Warmer & Knee Warmer

Shop MAAP Leg Warmers & MAAP Knee Warmers at, North America's Leading MAAP Retailer.

Engineered to sit flatter and more comfortably beneath your bib short.  Leg Warmers range available. Knee warmers range available. MAAP's Leg Warmer and Knee Warmer are perfect for cyclists who want to stay warm and comfortable on their rides. Both pieces feature a breathable, lightweight construction with an ergonomic design that allows for full range of motion. Both pieces are made with a unique technical fabric blend that provides a snug, comfortable fit while helping to regulate body temperature and wick moisture away from the skin. The leg warmers and knee warmers also feature a reflective logo and trim, increasing visibility in low-light conditions. The addition of these pieces to your cycling wardrobe will ensure you stay warm and comfortable while riding in colder temperatures.