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MAAP Overshoe

The bike overshoes are designed to keep your feet dry and warm, most importantly in the colder months. The MAAP overshoe comes to the rescue when your waterproof shoes are not cutting it or even you want to keep your pricey shoes looking good all through the season. In both of these cases, there is nothing better than a quality pair of bike overshoes, especially for covering your favorite shoes. 

Bike Overshoes 

The bike overshoes are ideal for keeping your feet windproof, making them warm while you train in winter. All of the overshoes and the cycling oversocks options at Enroute offer protection wielded under a seamless and smooth cover.  

The waterproof quality of the MAAP overshoe comes from the use of premium and high-tech fabrics to better repel water while also offering a tight fit along with a zipper; all of this help keep the water out.  Many of thermal cycling overshoes are made to offer enhanced cold weather insulation; this is even more perfect when you aren’t afraid to brave the elements. 

Overshoes Cycling  

The shoe covers from MAAP will definitely suit all your needs. The waterproofing element of the shoe covers can be an additional blessing when you are riding through wet weather, on muddy terrains, and under unpredictable seasons. Plus, the MAAP overshoe is also ideal on the coast rides or in the desert trails. 

The windproof shoe cover is also ideal for keeping warm during road rides, especially when it gets too cold outside. 

Cycling Shoe Covers

Tread along the muddy trail in the rainy season without care of ruining your favorite shoes. The MAAP overshoe at Enroute will keep the rain and the muddy road spray off your cycling shoes and feet. A good quality pair of cycling shoe covers are an essential addition to your cycling kit and overall cycling outfit, be it for a cycle ride in winter, summer, or autumn.