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Escapism 針織騎乘毛線帽 - 深苔蘚色

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Escapism 針織騎行帽採用現代風格演繹永恆風格,是您在一年中寒冷季節騎行時裝備的重要補充。選擇這種義大利布料是因為其柔軟的觸感和卓越的舒適度,而其密實的針織結構可以抵禦最涼爽的微風,而不會在頭盔下感覺笨重。



  • 舒適地貼合在安全帽下方

  • 彈性材料適合所有頭部形狀和尺寸

  • 密實針織布料,持久保暖 

  • 分散水分以達到規定的乾燥時間 

  • 材質:54% 聚醯胺、40% 聚酯纖維、6% 彈性纖維 

  • 意大利製造

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    Care Guide

    We recommend using Assos Cleaning detergent on all cycling apparel.

    1. Wash cycling garments separately from other clothes / accessories to prevent friction.

    2. Before washing, turn the garments inside out (seams on the outside).

    3. Machine-wash is possible but always use a wash bag, a delicate cycle and lukewarm water (max. 30° C).

    4. Do not use bleach and/or softeners. Use a mild liquid detergent only (ASSOS active wear cleanser).

    5. Do not soak, wring or rub. Do not spin after washing.

    6. Dry garments flat or hanging, but do not tumble dry.

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    Pas Normal Studios Escapism Knit Cycling Beanie - Dark Moss
    Pas Normal Studios Escapism Knit Cycling Beanie - Dark Moss