MAAP Jerseys

Product Weight:

210 g - 7.41 oz

Product Standouts:

  • Aerodynamic Fabric: The MAAP Jerseys utilizes advanced aerodynamic fabric to minimize drag and optimize airflow. This fabric is engineered to reduce resistance against the rider's body, allowing for improved speed and efficiency, particularly during high-speed rides or races.

  • Heat Management Technology: Their jerseys incorporate heat management technology to keep the rider cool and comfortable during intense rides. Strategically placed ventilation panels and moisture-wicking properties help regulate body temperature and quickly dissipate sweat, ensuring optimal performance in varying weather conditions.

ADD SOME Bib Shorts


Product Weight:

175 G - 6.17 OZ

Product Standouts:

  • Multi-Density Chamois: Both the Pro Bib 2.0 and Team Bib Evo feature a high-quality multi-density chamois, offering superior comfort and support during long rides. This advanced padding is strategically placed to alleviate pressure points and ensure a smooth ride, enhancing overall performance and endurance.

  • Compression Fabric: Designed with compression fabric technology, these bib shorts provide targeted muscle support, reducing fatigue and enhancing muscle recovery. The compressive fit improves blood circulation and minimizes muscle oscillation, resulting in increased power output and reduced risk of injury, allowing riders to push their limits with confidence.

Complete Bundle with Socks