Everything You need to know about Cycling Socks

Everything You Need to Know About Cycling Socks

Everything You Need to Know About Cycling Socks

Cycling socks are often overlooked, but they play an important role in your cycling experience — providing cushioning and shock absorption, regulating temperature, and keeping your feet dry. In this guide, we'll explore why cycling socks are essential for performance and comfort and how to choose the right pair for you.

Make sure you’re giving your feet the comfort and support they deserve with the best cycling socks to deliver performance and comfort to your feet on the bike. Thanks to sweat-wicking and breathable materials, keep your feet dry and temperature-regulated for even the longest of rides.   

What are Cycling Socks?

Premium cycling socks are designed to keep you riding no matter the season. From indoor training, gravel and winter conditions, to summer road riding, choosing the right pair of socks to match your ride will help your feet power you through your rides.

Cycling socks are specially designed to provide support and cushioning for your feet as you ride. They usually have tech features such as arch compression, sweat-wicking fabric, and an anatomical cut to help keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the ride. Quality cycling socks also have reinforced padding in the areas most prone to stress and wear, such as the toes, heel, and ankle.

Why are Cycling Socks so Important?

Cycling socks are incredibly important for any cyclist. Good cycling socks can improve performance, reduce fatigue, and help prevent foot blisters during long rides. They also play an important role in maintaining good hygiene by wicking away sweat and keeping the feet dry and cool. A good pair of cycling socks is also designed to offer maximum breathability, comfort, and support so that you can concentrate on your ride without feeling uncomfortable or distracted.

What Types of Cycling Socks Are Available? 

There are several types of cycling socks available in the market, ranging from lightweight and minimalist designs for hot weather riding to thicker cushioned styles for colder days. Additionally, some socks offer additional features such as compression padding or arch support to provide comfort and increased blood flow. You can even find custom designs with stylish patterns or colors that make your bike rides more fun! Below find our guide for everything you need to know about cycling socks for any type of riding condition.

Different socks for different rides…. 

What are the best Indoor Cycling Training Socks?

MAAP Training Collection Socks - Designed to keep your feet comfortable during long rides and hard intervals. A mid-weight sock featuring dynamic arch support and padded toes for comfort alongside soft mesh fabric on the top and sides for ventilation. The mesh fabrics paired with Q-Skin® technology offer breathability, moisture-wicking qualities, and antimicrobial properties.

What are the best Winter Cycling Socks?

MAAP Apex Wool Socks Keeping your feet warm during cold winter rides is essential. The thermoregulating, anti-odour and anti-microbial merino wool blend helps keep your feet fresher for longer, so you can focus on the ride ahead. The padded footbed, compression arch and ankle construction provide comfort and support where you need it most. Merino wool helps regulate your body temperature to keep you warm and comfortable in harsh environments. As well as keeping you warm, merino wool is breathable, sweat wicking and odour resistant.

What are the best Gravel Cycling Socks?

MAAP Merino Alt Road - Engineered for the long haul, MAAP Merino Alt Road socks featuring a crew length provide arch support and a lightly padded toe for comfort during long days on the bike. The thermoregulating, anti-odour and anti-microbial merino wool blend provides all day protection, even when the riding shoes come off.

Fingerscrossed # Off Road - Designed for the fastest and most demanding cyclocross races and steepest climbs where you have to carry or push your bike. With an anti-slip sole to prevent slipping in the shoe and provide a secure hold and instep stabilization and ankle support to protect against injuries.  

What are the best Road Cycling Socks?

MAAP Division Socks The Division Sock features a breathable mesh with Meryl® Skinlife antibacterial yarns with permanent antimicrobial properties. The lightweight construction is designed to keep your feet feeling fresh when the temperature rises. MAAP division socks dynamic arch support shape to the curves of your foot for a secure fit. With soft mesh fabric at the top and sides for cooling ventilation where you need it most. 

#666 Hell Yeah 3.0 - 50% lighter than cotton, these high compression socks provide better blood circulation, stabilization and regeneration.  The parts of heel and toes offer a triple strengthening to grant comfort and long durability.

 How Do I Cleaning and Care for my Cycling Socks?

Proper care of your cycling socks is essential to ensure the longest life possible of your socks. Make sure to follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions on washing and drying. Generally, avoid using harsh detergents or fabric softeners which can damage the sock fibers or cause premature wear and tear. Additionally, when air-drying, make sure to turn them inside out to maintain the optimal shape of your socks and prevent fading. By following this advice, you will get the most out of your cycling socks for many rides to come!

Caring for your socks... You want your socks to be as long lasting as possible. We recommend machine washing on cold (make sure you skip the bleach). Do not tumble dry, iron or use fabric softener. 

ASSOS Active Wear Cleanser is delicate on elastic fibers, pH neutral, neutralizes odors, enhances textile breathability and maintains sharp color sublimation - a small amount of this cleanser goes a long way.