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Factor Bicycles: Unrivalled Performance – The Apex of Cycling Excellence

Discover the pinnacle of cycling innovation with Factor Bicycles – engineered for those who demand nothing less than the best. Our bicycles are a testament to high-performance cycling, where speed, precision, and exhilarating fun converge. Factor Bikes are not just bicycles; they are the embodiment of a cyclist's dream, offering unparalleled experiences on every ride.

Engineered for Excellence – Every Ride an Adventure At Factor, we take immense pride in our meticulous approach to design, development, and manufacturing. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our bicycles, ensuring that each ride is a step above the rest. Whether you're an avid road cyclist, a trail enthusiast, or someone who loves exploring new terrains, Factor's expanding lineup promises a matchless ride every time.

Where Will Your Factor Bike Take You? The world is your playground with a Factor bicycle. Our designs cater to diverse riding styles and environments. From the smooth tarmac of road races to the rugged trails of mountain biking, each Factor bike is a portal to new adventures and unforgettable experiences.

Beyond the Frame – A Symphony of Premium Components Understanding that the frame is just the beginning, we at Factor Bicycles emphasize the importance of high-quality components. That's why our complete bikes are available with options from industry giants Shimano and SRAM, allowing you to tailor your ride to perfection. Our team of experts is ready to guide you in building your dream bike, combining our cutting-edge frames with a selection of premium components.

Discover Your Dream Factor Bike Today Visit our website to explore the full range of Factor Bicycles and start your journey towards building the ultimate bike. Whether you're seeking speed, adventure, or simply the joy of cycling, Factor is here to elevate your experience. Contact us now to begin crafting your dream bicycle, and join the ranks of cyclists who know there's nothing quite like a Factor bike.