Shimano GRX FD-RX810 Front Derailleur - Mechanical

The new GRX front derailleur sits 2.5-millimeters outboard from traditional road derailleurs, which means a big boost in clearance for your frame, tires, and debris. This also means that is placement is a bit different than with a standard crankset, which makes it solely compatible with GRX two-by cranks, offering the placement you need for precise shifts of up to 17-tooth range. The shift mechanism is light and ergonomic, and packs in toggle-link construction that enables heaps of different cable routing options, and also features an integrated cable tensioners to ease setup and quick fixes.

Like its Ultegra counterpart, the GRX front derailleur is constructed from chrome-plated steel, which is robust against mud, rocks, and bumps. In addition to the steel cage, Shimano employs stainless steel hardware and bolts, aluminum inner links, and graphene fiber-reinforced outer link. The braze-on bracket is forged and painted aluminum, keeping weight at a minimum, without sacrificing durability and shift feel.

  • A front derailleur for the two-by gravel connoisseur
  • Outboard placement improves clearance for tires, frames, mud
  • Light and ergonomic shift mechanism keeps shifts smooth, precise
  • Huge 17-tooth range offers massive gearing options for variable riding
  • Toggle-link construction enables huge variety of cable routing options
  • Integrated cable tensioner makes setup and quick fixes simple
  • Durable construction holds up to the rigors of gravel riding
  • Only compatible with Shimano GRX cranksets

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