Rock-N-Roll Holy Cow Bike Chain Lube - 4 fl oz, Drip

Holy Cow is the latest in the Rock N' Roll Lubrication's line up of chain lubes. For all you riders that like to ride with a wet lube but could live better without all the dirt and grit of a wet lube, Holy Cow is just for you

  • Non flammable and is a very settled wet lube that is as clean or cleaner than most dry lubes
  • Performs fantastic, like the other Rock N' Roll chain lubes
  • Being a little bit of a wet style chain lube, what little dirt or grit that does get on the chain, can be wiped away quickly and easily
  • Cleans and lubes in 1 step
  • Keeps chain looking brand-new, "out of the box" clean
  • Good for all conditions
  • Great for Road, Mountain, and BMX bikes

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