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Pas Normal Studios Solitude Collection - Summer 2024

Introducing the Solitude Collection for Summer 2024, a testament to the art of unadulterated simplicity and functionality by Pas Normal Studios. Born from the desire to foster a serene connection between the rider and the road, the Solitude line is meticulously designed to accompany you on those long, contemplative rides under the boundless summer sky.

Crafted with minimal interference and a refined aesthetic, each piece in the collection is an ode to the elegance of restraint. The Solitude bibs and jersey eschew the conventional use of elastics, opting instead for a tailored fit that moves seamlessly with your body. This decision not only enhances comfort but also speaks to the core philosophy of the collection: to ride unencumbered and in harmony with the environment.

At the heart of the Solitude Collection are proprietary fabrics uniquely developed for Pas Normal Studios. The jersey utilizes a micro-structured fabric that excels in moisture management and air permeability, ensuring a dry and cool experience even in the throes of summer heat. The bib shorts are innovatively constructed with an exposed polyester yarn on the inner surface, promoting exceptional breathability and minimizing skin contact. This combination effectively negates the necessity for a base layer, allowing for a lighter, more integrated riding experience.

The Solitude Collection is not just apparel; it is a companion for the solo adventurer. It is designed for those who seek to push boundaries, embrace the quiet moments, and ride further and freer than ever before. Join us in celebrating the spirit of solitary journeys with the Pas Normal Studios Solitude Collection - tailor-made for the zenith of summer.