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 Norda 001: The Ultimate Trail Runner Experience the pinnacle of trail running with the Norda 001. Designed for endurance and performance, this shoe features a lightweight Dyneema® upper for exceptional durability and breathability. Its Vibram® sole ensures unparalleled grip on diverse terrains, while the responsive midsole provides superior cushioning for long-distance comfort.

Norda 002: Versatile All-Terrain Performer The Norda 002 is your go-to shoe for both trail and road running. With a seamless blend of durability and flexibility, this model boasts a unique composite upper that adapts to your foot for a glove-like fit. The multi-directional lugs on the sole offer excellent traction, making it perfect for any surface, from rocky trails to smooth pavement.

Norda 003: Ultra-Light Racer Engineered for speed, the Norda 003 is the lightest in our collection. Its minimalist design features a breathable mesh upper and a streamlined silhouette, reducing weight without sacrificing support. The shoe's responsive cushioning and innovative outsole design deliver maximum energy return, helping you achieve your fastest times.

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