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Mens Cycling Bibs 

There is no worse feeling than being uncomfortable down under while you are out on a ride. MAAP mens cycling bib shorts are crafted with your comfort in mind. Specifically designed to offer ease of movement for all day comfort and durability. Designed with a male-specific cut and optimal stretch, our Cycling Apparel provides a new level of performance. 

What to Consider in Mens Cycling Bib Shorts and Bibs? 

The primary difference between cycling shorts and the bibs are the obvious difference of straps and body panels. While cycling shorts come with a waistband falling below the belly button – the panels on the back and front of the men’s cycling bibs cover most of the stomach and lower back, keeping your shorts up seamlessly. Check out the MAAP Clearance Sale at Enroute - for a selection of premium cycling apparel at discounted prices. 

MAAP Cycling Bibs

MAAP cycling bibs at Enroute are made from multiple materials, including Lycra, Spandex, and other elastic materials that sit comfortably against the skin. The tight fit of the MAAP Men's cycling bib shorts helps increase the aerodynamics while on a ride, and also offer some extent of compression which helps attain a smoother ride. The laser cut design of MAAP’s cycling bibs ensures a close to skin fit that is sure to stay in place during your whole ride.