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Carry More. Ride Free with MAAP musette bags

Off the bike or casual riding requires a MAAP Musette Bag. Musette bag cycling collection at Enroute offers simple styles with bold accents and color pops. The flexible cycling Musette bag for sale in our collection is your perfect go-to bag for short trips with only a few essentials. These act as a great back up when your MAAP saddlebag and framebags are full, and you have just a bit more stuff. The cycling Musette bag takes its style inspiration from road cycling and is a super flexible bag that also works best for casual city ridings. The light-weight cycling Musette bag ages beautifully over time and becomes a permanent accessory to your cycling gear.

Features of MAAP Musette Bag 

Cycling Musette bag is made from soft canvas cotton fabric – and features the MAAP signature logo and reflective prints for enhancing visibility. Use it for keeping your phone handy, carrying cycling essentials, or even some food for the ride. A great accessory for either shorter trips around town or simply on the shoulder for those off the bike days. The bag comes with a wide shoulder strap offering comfort while the handy snap closure keeps all your stuff secure, and in place.