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MAAP Gloves

MAAP cycling gloves are ideal for a scorching summer ride out and winter trail rides. A cyclist’s hands deserve a premium pair of MAAP gloves that offer just the right comfort and feel. The Enroute online collection covers you for tackling trails with MAAP glove units for your next road spin. You can also get premium quality and internationally acclaimed MAAP deep winter gloves, developed explicitly for when the cold gets too much to handle.

MAAP cycling gloves

As with every other aspect and part of cycling clothing, you must get the right bike gloves for your excruciating rides. While the full-finger gloves are made as MTB gloves, the half-finger units are suitable for road biking experiences.

Seasons and weather also play an important role in the choice of your cycling apparel. By the way, our mens base layer is a perfect blend of style and practicality. On a similar premise, the MAAP winter gloves are made to be windproof and waterproof.

CYCLING MAAP Winter Gloves

For cold winter rides, the MAAP deep winter gloves can make a world of difference in keeping your grip securely on the handlebars and stems. Fingers are the most exposed and affected body part while cycling; thus, keeping them well-insulated and toasty with MAAP gloves must be your priority.

MAAP Glove and Cycling Mitts

If you want the fingerless options, Enroute also carries a selection of MAAP cycling gloves for men and women that perfectly fit the bill. Also, while you are at it, why not accessorize your cycling kit with some MAAP socks and overshoes.  

If you plan to go for a mountain bike ride, stick to the MAAP glove, which covers your entire hand.